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Ductless Cooling

If you have an existing ductless cooling system in your NYC or New Jersey home, or are going to have one installed, you need an expert to work with that is familiar with it. In other words, you need Quick Cooling & Heating to provide you with superior workmanship and personalized customer care.

If you would like ductless cooling service and live in New York or New Jersey, let us take care of you. Let us demonstrate to you how we have earned the reputation for being the best HVAC contractor in the region.

What exactly is a ductless cooling system?

Before you hire an air conditioning company to address your service needs for ductless cooling, you should first know a little bit about it:

  • This is a great way to have “zoned” comfort. That means you no longer have to settle for the same temperature throughout the entire home, you can set different temperatures for various zones in your household.
  • Without using ducts, your cooling system is more energy-efficient. When temperature-controlled air has to travel through ductwork, there is a certain amount of loss along the way. With a more direct cooling process, your system is more efficient and that means lower utility costs and a greener household.
  • While the initial cost is a bit higher, when compared to central AC, most homeowners feel it is worth the cost. Ductless is a more modern approach to efficient indoor temperature control and saves you money each month in energy costs.

If you need service or are ready to make the transition to ductless cooling, give our team a call.


Quick Cooling & Heating serves New Jersey and New York City's residential and commercial customers alike. Our numerous dispatch offices throughout the five boroughs ensure that service is available when you need it most.


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