Reducing HVAC Allergens This Summer


If you have a traditional HVAC, also referred to as a forced air system because it blows temperature-controlled air through ductwork, you may realize this can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers. You certainly need your AC to make it through those hot summer months, but also want to alleviate some of the problems that your air conditioning seems to make worse.
Of course, the alternative is to leave the windows open with the fan running but that tends to be way worse for exposure to pollutants that aggravate allergies. So, how can you use your air conditioning to keep you cool but still work in your favor?

  • Do a check for mold!
  • Your AC holds a lot of moisture which is the ideal breeding ground for mold to develop. If left undetected, it can quickly and easily spread. This results in a lot of mold spores floating around in the air you breathe, and you won’t even realize it.
  • Make it a point to use good quality filters and change them
  • Your HVAC filter is meant to be changed monthly, and the better the filter the better the air quality. In fact, there are many made specifically for allergens. Opt for a good quality and do not put off taking care of this task.
  • Keep a clear space near your indoor and outdoor unit
  • Dirt and dust can easily accumulate and then it gets sucked into the system. At least lower the likelihood by keeping these areas clean.

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