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As a Kenilworth homeowner, you should be thinking about the HVAC company you want to work with, before you end up needing emergency service. Too many homeowners try to make this important of a choice in the midst of a crisis.

Just because there are plenty of company names out there to choose from, certainly does not mean that they are worthy of your business. Here at Quick Cooling & Heating, LLC, we have been delivering the best possible results for Kenilworth customers since first starting the company in 1995.

Common HVAC Problems in Kenilworth - What You Should Know

One main reason it is so important to learn a little about residential heating repairs is that some of the most common ones are actually avoidable. As willing as we are to take care of the heating and cooling in your Kenilworth household, we would still rather help you avoid having repair needs:

  • Make it a point to change your filters. This is an easy and inexpensive task but it can make a world of difference in how well your system works. A dirty filter restricts and eventually completely blocks the airflow. This seemingly small part of your system could end up causing your system not to work at all.
  • Keep up with maintenance. A tune-up is worth the minimal upfront investment to avoid the expense of emergency repairs or, even worse, replacement.
  • Always check the thermostat. You would be surprised how many homeowners end up calling in for emergency service only to find out the thermostat temperature has been turned way up or off completely.

Make it a point to call our team of pros for all of your Kenilworth heating contractor service needs.


Quick Cooling & Heating serves New Jersey and New York City's residential and commercial customers alike. Our numerous dispatch offices throughout the five boroughs ensure that service is available when you need it most.


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